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About Us

An expansive farm extending from the shores of Lake Alexandrina in South Australia. Alexandrina Farm is the accomplishment of the Welsh Family. Darren and Melanie and their boys Kieran and Patric, have embarked on a journey of dedication to proudly celebrate a farm that supports a highly productive, certified organic Holstein dairy herd.
Alexandrina Farm is irrigated by a centre pivot, providing our cows with access to grazing pastures all year. It is our vision to produce a product that is healthy, natural and free of chemicals. We are continually growing our farm, bringing life back to depleted soils, undertaking extensive tree plantings (over 100,000) and regeneration of native wetlands, striving for a healthier, happier cow to produce the best milk possible. Our milk can be purchased through the South Australian B.-d. Farm Paris Creek Label.
Alexandrina Farm is also home to a small collection of performance horses.  Created from life-long love of horses and a dedication to perfection, we celebrate our success and are excited for the future.



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Contact Us

Alexandrina Farm

Darren and Melanie Welsh

262 Karpany Road

Wellington South Australia

0427 799 388     [email protected]